The Most Popular European Tourist Destinations in 2021


Discover the Most Popular European Tourist Destinations in 2021

Europe is a vast continent found completely in both the Northern and the Southern Hemisphere and predominantly in the Eastern Hemisphere. It is bordered on one side by the Arctic Ocean and on the other side by the Mediterranean Sea. This ancient landmass formed by the borders between ancient Greece and the rest of ancient Rome. After the deposition of the Western Roman Empire, the boundaries between the Eastern and the Western civilizations were further defined by the Western Roman Empire itself.

Best country in Europe

Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, and Greece are all-important European tourist destinations. Spain boasts of some of the most spectacular scenery in Europe and Portugal is famous for its beautiful beaches. The architecture in Portugal is exquisite and the cuisine is exquisite as well. Tourists often choose to book villas in Spain or Portugal for their stay in Europe.

1. Spain


Another popular European tourist destination in the summer months is Spain. During the summer months, Spain offers tourists a range of hot spots, such as the Costa Blanca, Castilla la Mancha, Costa Brava, etc. The Costa Blanca boasts of some of the best beaches in Europe as well as in the world with superb diving, surfing, sailing, and kiteboarding. This area of Spain is especially popular during the summer months as tourists can enjoy some of the best water sports and leisure activities. Some of the popular summer activities that tourists love to do include sailing, jet-skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, kayaking, snorkeling, etc. In addition to these activities, Spain also provides tourists with an amazing selection of hotels, pubs, restaurants, bars, clubs, holiday villas, and bed and breakfast accommodations.


Barcelona, one of the most popular European destinations, is considered as one of the most exciting and fascinating cities of the world. In Barcelona, tourists have a range of exciting activities, such as art and culture tours, wine tasting tours, dining tours, sports and entertainment tours, etc. It is home to one of the largest collection of historic and modern art museums, as well as nightclubs and bars, which are a great attraction for young adults and families. Apart from this, there are several other attractive and sustainable tourism choices in and around Barcelona.

2. Portugal


Next on our list of exciting and fascinating European destinations is Lisbon, which is one of the top destinations for couples seeking a romantic honeymoon. In Lisbon, couples can explore the stunning Portuguese architecture and museums. In addition, couples can take a boat cruise along the River Estrada do Guincho, which is known for its magnificent waterfalls and exotic flora and fauna. You can also try the amazing water sports and beach activities in Lisbon. Aside from that, you can also enjoy various European nightlife and leisurely activities in Lisbon.

3. France


Next in line in Paris, France, where the Eiffel Tower is considered one of the most distinctive landmarks of Europe. The city offers a complete tour of the city with several interesting stops. Paris offers a variety of attractions for visitors, including parks, museums, galleries, concerts, theatres, and gardens. Paris is considered to be one of the most romantic European destinations for couples, who want to spend some special time together. In order to save money, you can stay in one of the cheap hotels in Paris that are conveniently located right in the heart of the city. Besides this, during the summer months, you will surely love staying in one of the trendy and hip hotels in Paris, where you can lounge and enjoy the summer sun while exploring the rich history and cultures of Europe.

4. Italy


Venice is another hot tourist destination in Europe that is preferred by many couples for its picturesque landscapes and romantic atmosphere. One of the best things about Venice is that it has many interesting museums and galleries that you can visit while spending your vacation in Venice. In addition, during the summer months, when the temperature is soaring high, you can sip a cold beer while sipping on your Venetian glass at the bars of Venice.

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