4 of the Best Hidden Destinations You Must See When Visiting united kingdom


 4 of the Best Hidden Destinations You Must See When Visiting united kingdom

When it comes to great holidays it is very hard to top 10 of the UK’s best-hidden destinations. Hidden away in small towns across the country and tucked away in the back of large national parks, there are some places that are so captivating you will want to return year after year. Some of the UK’s hidden destinations include:

1. Arundel


In the heart of the Cotswolds lies the town of Arundel, a small harbour town that draws its inspiration from its surroundings. Here you can enjoy some old world charm with plenty of medieval castles and church ruins. You can relax in one of the town’s many idyllic fishing harbours or take part in some exciting water sports. There is plenty to do here whether you wish to explore the local countryside or take part in some exciting sports.

2. Inverness


Hidden away in the Scottish Borders in the town of Inverness and its neighbouring Highland. This is a fantastic place to go for a weekend of relaxation or a romantic break. Many couples come to this part of Scotland each year to enjoy some stunning hiking and cycling trails. However, if you prefer to relax during your holiday, the town of Inverness is perfect for you to visit and you will be able to take part in some great outdoor sports while you are there such as kayaking, mountain biking and sailing.

3. Burnley


The town of Burnley is also a great location for those wanting to enjoy some historic hidden destinations. It is a castle town, which dates back to the 13th century. You can soak up the history in Burnley and take part in its fascinating museum. You will also be able to sample a wide variety of foods and drink as there are plenty of local restaurants and bars for you to enjoy.


4. Taunton


Here are some places to consider when you are looking for a fantastic place to go and have fun. Once again, we come to Taunton. Taunton is one of the places in England that is absolutely perfect for both bird watching and walking. There are many nature reserves here, such as the Fox and Friadley’s Elm Park. This is the perfect place to take your children or have a romantic picnic. If you enjoy walking in the local countryside, then Taunton is perfect for you.

6. Norfolk


If we have mentioned Taunton as a location that you would like to visit but want to avoid spending too much money on hotels, why not consider staying at one of the country’s best campsites? If you want to treat yourself to a quiet spot on the beach, why not try the sheltered beach just off Sandringham in Norfolk. This is a lovely campsite which comes with its own lake and nearby sandy beach. The beach is open throughout the year and there are plenty of shady places to enjoy the sunshine. Why not take a nice hot drink and catch some rays whilst reading your favourite book. You will certainly enjoy this unique experience when you come to Taunton.

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